nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Nothing much doing
nanowrimo 2010
An uncomfortable night was filled of dreams. One of them was of bears. I don't remember the dreams well, only that I woke again and again, upset.

I am going to Hastings today. I will pick up a tape that I've bought as a present. The Yearning, by Michael Hoppé and Tim Wheater is a virtuoso performance on the alto flute. The music is haunting and incredibly evocative.

My blood sugar is about as out of control as it has been for a while. I have gained ten pounds in less than ten days. I have been grazing continuously. Sugars should be 90-160 and have been running 280. I will be good today. I must be getting things back under control this week. I'm tired and have no real incentive to be good, but I suppose I will. *sigh*

I caught a few minutes of Pinky and The Brain yesterday. I had forgotten how much I liked that cartoon. I wonder if there's a compilation available. I think I will look for a tape or DVD of those cartoons. There aren't all that many. I'm sure they must be collected somewhere.

Somehow I'm just not in the mood for this. Later.


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