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Shigor and I are going to the movies tonight. We'll see Bridget Jones' Diary. I don't really think it's my kind of movie, but everyone I have talked to says it is worth the trip. Shigor has seen the previews (I have not) and thinks I'll like it. I guess we'll find out.

Time is at a premium in my life right now. I am trying to squeeze in writing time and really can't get more than about 30 minutes a day, often spread across multiple five minute segments. Of late my diaries have occupied most of that time.

I have three stories that may someday become novels in progress and countless others that I know will never get beyond "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time." "Ice" a fantasy-setting novel about a northern city, "Melchor" set in the star-trek universe (that one is about a page long) and "Conan: Besieged" in which he gets to show off his skills as a general by lifting a siege of the city of Zamora (city of thieves). All have languished of late. Even my Serial SoulCatcher idea fails to fire me. Maybe it's time to go into revision mode on the of the completed works.


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