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It all started so innocently...

Issues dealt with and still to handle:

  1. December '99, I had to come home to help take care of my parents.
  2. December '99 before I could leave Seattle I had to take Becky to the hospital to have a horrible bit of surgery.
  3. December '99 I was becoming chronically ill before I had been back a week. My cough and sinus problems returned about as soon as I crossed the state line.
  4. Winter 2000 I lived in Belle, MO with parents while not working so I could spend time with my dying father and try to help out.
  5. April 2000 I moved my family to Jefferson City to be near the hospitals, moving my sister in with my parents and myself.
  6. April 2000 I went to work for Verizon, resuming my employment after working in Seattle for a year for a really bad company
  7. May 2000 my father died
  8. Summer 2000 my mother plagued with angina attacks that cost me a number of days off. My own health was badly deteriorating the whole of the summer and fall, colds became flu twice. I began experiencing chest pains that remain unexplained.
  9. I fought for the balance of 2000 to get my diabetes in control and get my health up to normal. In the winter my blood sugar was under control.
  10. Spring 2001 developed colon problems and elected non-traditional treatment to avoid surgery. This wrecked my blood sugars and left me pretty weak all the time.
  11. June 2001 woke up with blurred vision on a weekend. By the following Friday I was pretty much blind.
  12. Summer 2001 used up all the local doctors with no explanation of my vision loss.
  13. August 2001 discovered I was growing a big lump of bone on my skull.
  14. October 2001 had the lump removed hoping it would help my vision. It didn't
  15. November 2001 my psychotic brother is suffering various physical afflictions. Trying to live on $500 a month. He will not make the effort to help himself and prevents anyone trying to help him. I am attempting to help anyway. He will not accept money
  16. November 2001 I discovered I have another lump on my skull. The doctors don't want to remove it but are discussing radiation to make sure that it doesn't grow larger and that my old lump doesn't come back.
  17. November 2001 my mother is in failing health. A trip to the emergency room and a two-day hospital stay has not strengthened her.
  18. November 19 2001 going back to work if nothing prevents
  19. Then the dam burst, the cattle stampeded, the storm broke, tornadoes swept the plain, an earthquake happened and the volcano erupted.
  20. Today a simple list of issues dealt with and to be dealt with turned into a litany.

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