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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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early to rise, early to bed makes Karl a dull boy
nanowrimo 2010
I went back to sleep this morning and napped a while. Something I rarely do.

My nap left me feeling more tired that before. Naps often do that to me. I did not dream or do not remember doing so.

Lunch was non-existent. I scrounged some vegetable egg-rolls and microwaved them. I used some rather old sweet-and-sour sauce to top them. This put me to sleep again. I did dream this afternoon but can remember only that women kept trying to give me a glass of water. I woke perspiring heavily. I suppose this points out a strong fear of the feminine principles behind the great flouridation conspiracy.

The evening was equally uneventful. Supper consisted of a phone call to Papa John's for a bacon, mushroom, onion, and black olive topped pizza. To my shock I ate only two slices (usually I eat half a large) and quit. I watched tonight's X-files and gave it up.

I'm going to bed early. Even for me, 9:00 is early. I was this bored:

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