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Spent two hours this afternoon reading That is a rare luxury for me.. I've nearly finished a compilation by Harry Turtledove titled "Alternate Generals." It is an interesting exploration of alternative history — Harry's specialty. The other authors do not do it nearly so well as he but it is good reading.

I've also been reading Harry's "Gerrin the Fox Series." I can't say I as enamored of his fantasy as I am of his "alternative history" but anything he writes will be well-crafted. My respect for this author is genuinely unlimited, as he has defined for himself a role and he is unlikely to be supplanted as the "master of alternative history." I think "Guns of the South" established him there but he has managed a number of other very respectable books. Now that he is becoming well-known enough for his name to be a selling point, they are printing works previously rejected. Every popular author experiences this (look at Robert Asprin whose crap works now outnumber his good ones). I suppose it is difficult to keep any perspective on such things.

To get in the mood for the much-hyped movie I've just finished re-reading "The Hobbit" and will start on "Fellowship" tomorrow. I often spend my lunch hour reading and LOTR is about as heavy a book as I care to read while eating. I stick mostly to fluff and simple reading while on my lunch hour and mostly to re-reading at that. At lunch, I've just spent the whole morning thinking. The last thing I want to do is think some more at lunch.


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