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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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List of drugs....
nanowrimo 2010

Breaking News: The pillows war

Last night a pillow that failed to pass inspection was stripped of pillow-case and confined to the hamper. It has been learned that that pillow has at 8:00 this morning been sentenced to laundry.

There is no end to the deviousness of these pillows! During an inspection last night in the course of which all pillows were properly arranged, fluffed, plumped and generally set to proper order, one pillow was found wanting. While the others sufficed, my night was thrice interrupted and I dreamed rather unpleasantly. The underachieving pillow will be laundered today and, if found lacking in lumps and of appropriate odor, will be reinstated without prejudice. Failing that, well … let us say that new recruits are neither difficult to obtain nor to train. Anticipating this, the slacker's compatriots had managed to perform their nightly duties in such a fashion as to do me no harm but to leave me with a stiff neck and an insignificant muscle strain in my left shoulder. Will there be no end to their perfidy?

My visit to the doctor yesterday left me bad tempered and I am still feeling the effects. I have been hoping, rather, that my headaches would go away. I suppose until the swelling is gone nobody is going to believe me that this is not an appropriate headache.

My big project for the day is to record the type and dosage of all my medications for the slip of paper I keep in my wallet.


Medicine Dosage (mg) Schedule
Requip 0.25 3 @ bedtime
Cephalexin 500 1 every 6 hours for 7 days
Avandia 8 1 with evening meal
Prinivil 5 1 daily
Glucophage XR 500 3 @ supper
Gemfibrozil 600 1 twice daily
Well, that's done.

I will see Dr. Canasta around 17:00.