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The Pillow War: Breaking News ...

Update: The pillows war

I failed to recognize Saturday Night's recalcitrant behavior on the part of my pillows for what it was, the opening moves of mutiny hastily subdued.

Last night the Pillows, those disloyal and rambunctious traitors, followed their failed mutiny with the recourse ever taken by blackguards and cowards…desertion!

I spent the night retrieving pillows from the floor whence they had fled despite my efforts to contain them. I lay upon them, grasped them, held them close to me. I even went so far as to attempt to glue them in place with perspiration and drool (sleeping is an ugly process!) to no avail. The slippery scoundrels fled me again and again. But I was resolute, I say to you. None escaped me. Though I was victorious I slept poorly and remember no dreams. I dread the coming of the night.

I saw Dr. Rocks today. He removed the last bandage, prescribed more antibiotics (guess who gets to pick up all the mail at my house?), and scheduled another appointment for next Monday at the ungodly hour of 8:00. I showed him my new protrusion when he had had enough of swabbing my incision with alcohol-soaked sandpaper. He felt it, murmured "Oh my" most sedately then categorically denied that the MRI indicated another grape. I am unconvinced. Further he commented to me on my way out that the proper procedure should they find another would be to leave it there anyway.

Harrumph! …to coin a phrase.

Dr. Canasta is on my list tomorrow. He should have the secondary analysis (confirmed, it went to the Mayo Clinic) results by then. I can only hope it leads somewhere. I will discuss with him (he's an oncologist) the proper procedure for "junior" (my second grape).

Later in the week I will see Dr. Jujube to see if I am going back to work or not. I guess if Junior becomes much of an issue I could be out for a few more weeks.

Life is shit, but what are the alternatives?

"The sum of all the wisdom of mankind can be expressed in two words.Wait and hope."

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