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When an inveterate movie-goer quits

This evening has been dull. I am afflicted with an odd realization, however.

I watched Mutantx today. This is the first episode I've seen. I find I liked it. It was followed by Andromeda. Now, I realize that I have so fallen out of the habit of television viewing that I am missing out on those things which were, in former times, my habit.

I have never been particularly disparaging of the "vast wasteland". Over the years I have found that at any given time there is usually something I can enjoy available. I have followed science fiction as long as I can remember.

As a child I remember most fondly those days when at the far end of my ride I would dismount and sit in a sunny spot or beneath a shady tree beside the stream and soak up the words of Donald Wandrei, Frederick Brown, Lester Dent and the inimitable (OK, the exceedingly imitible) Robert E. Howard. And later Eric Frank Russell, Theodore Sturgeon, and Robert Heinlein fed me in my quiet hours.

My absorption with Pulp Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure and, Fantasy, led to some of the television of series and even radio shows who are now regarded classics of sorts. Inner Sanctum delighted me, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Star Trek and so many of those hopelessly dated shows that paved the way for modern entertainments. In every decade of my life I have found numerous shows that to a greater or lesser degree fed my fancies, intrigued, educated, or simply amused me.

I find myself now having abandoned those entertainments, those occupations, in all their forms. I think the last movie I saw in the Theatre was Rocky & Bullwinkle. I don't watch television and haven't for some time. I watched part of Trek Next, saw all the "Odo" episodes of DS9 and simply gave Voyager a miss. The chance of my ever seeing an episode of Enterprise is vanishingly small. Seeing Scott Bakula as the captain seemed such an absurdity to me that I haven't even considered it. I suppose that is not such a sad thing, burning out on Star Trek, but I have also failed to show an interest in Babylon 5, Dark Angel, Black Scorpion, Titan A.E., and any of a number of fantasy, animated, science fiction or what-have-you features that would have been prime prospects for me a while ago. Hell, I didn't even watch all of The Crow television series, which was tailor made for me.

There's something sad when you surrender your favored entertainments. Something dies. I've always been a big time fan of animation, especially the Warner cartoons. I got to meet Chuck Jones once, thanked him warmly, sincerely, and shook his hand with more emotion than I could have ever put into kissing the Pope's ring. I remember how sad I felt when one Saturday morning I no longer enjoyed watching Bugs or Pepe le Pew. Now I find that Doc Savage, James Tiberias Kirk and Connor McCloud are on the same scrap heap.

It's depressing.

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