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A very bad day

[this is yesterday's entry but must serve for yesterday and today as well]

I am short of sleep and the recipient of bad news.

I slept erratically the night before last. I dreamed a genuinely bad dream which I have recorded. It was gory and I remember it being sanguinarily explicit.

I am undertaking a major effort in my life at this point. Naturally it comes on top of other things, but that is pretty much the way it goes.

I will call my work and make arrangements to return to work on the 12th of November or some date near that. I want to wait that long to let my scar heal as thoroughly as reasonable. It is ugly and would necessitate some headgear of some sort to keep the peanut gallery in control unless I let it heal a while longer. That time-frame will also allow the folks at work the maximum time to lay in whatever software and customizations they need. I will talk to Doctors Rocks and Canasta this week to get a document that gets me back to work. I need to be back at work and as secure in my income as possible as I will probably have to incur some debt in the near future.

I am extremely apprehensive about going back to work. I just don't know how it will work out. My energy level is low and has been since before June. I don't know if it can be laid off on depression or if something other is going on. It is natural for me to be a bit weak after this surgery. I certainly am not recovering as fast as I think I should. I will have to talk to Dr. Rocks as soon as reasonable on this subject.

I've got another problem on the horizon as well as going back to work. I'm going to have to get some advice on this one. Look for the explanation elsewhere. Don't give me, please, "you are not your brother's keeper" noise. I am. Not by choice but by necessity and familial obligation. It is the way it is going to be by long tradition (we're talking a few centuries here). Suggestions and alternatives of any sort would be good things.

My speakers on my mp3 player threw craps — just stopped working. I replaced them with cheap ones from Staples. I am, by the by, enjoying my RIO mp3/CD player. I copied about 180 mp3s (you saw the list the other day) to one CD to get about seven hours of play time. Why didn't somebody make this earlier?

I've got a lot more to write but it will have to wait until after supper, perhaps tomorrow.

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