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Today has been a rough day. I've been tired and have accomplished little.

I slept only about three hours last night and since have been able to recoup less than an hour in the form of naps. I dreamed, I am convinced, but can remember none of them.

My tiredness today has left me without enthusiasm for anything at all. I have done no writing.

Dr. Rocks called today with the biopsy report on my "grape". It is fibrous tissue. It's provenance is unknown save that it is, in essential, the softer bony substance that grows between the skull and the brain. It grew incorrectly replacing normal skull bones (tissues) at my temple. No information is available (through Dr. Rocks, at least) as to what process causes such incorrect growth of fibrous tissue. I am left on my own to explore. The doc tells me that there are indications that this problem could recur in a twenty to thirty year time-frame.

Any growth of less than watermelon size will be ignored by me. I will not have this surgery again.

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