Karl (louderback) wrote,

Yesterday held little interest for me all day. A cousin stopped by. My Aunt spent the day. All things considered a slow and not unpleasant day.

I spent yesterday largely in front of the computer. I have been trying to write on Kodrus and a new SoulCatcher entry. My writing has languished and I don't know if I will expend the effort to revive it at this point.

I had a dream last night that was interrupted by a collect call at 2:00. No name was spoken but a commercial began. I think it was automated. I am slightly concerned because the "no caller" collect call was repeated about thirty minutes later.

It is my recollection that most police stations and the ilk make you wait about thirty minutes if "your one telephone call" fails to connect. I hope somebody wasn't calling for bail money. Oh well.

Today, I have no plans. I must see about appeasing my taste for something spicy. That's about the limit of my ambition.

I dreamed last night but have been unable to post the dream. LJ is slow today.

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