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I didn't sleep at all well


An unquiet night last night left me tired on awakening.

I didn't dream at all last night. This is almost a relief. I recall waking around 2:00 thinking I had been flying. I remember nothing of the night but that feeling.

I am cold this morning for no particular reason. The temperature out is 52° and inside it is 73°. There is no reason why I should be cold.

Pre-surgery jitters are getting me down. I am not looking forward to Thursday. I don't know why this bothers me. I went into a previous and much more serious surgery with little trepidation. I am bothered by this. There is no reason for me to be bothered.

By way of amusing myself I have been trying to think of the perfect phrase to speak upon awakening from anesthesia:
  1. Beware the Snuffaluffagus!
  2. Qui a coupé la fromage?
  3. Take me to your leader.
  4. Oh Miss! What time to we get to Chattahoochie?
  5. They brought me back! The aliens broght me back!
  6. There's no place like home! There's no place like home!
  7. And the Lord said unto me "Go forth and found upon the earth a New Order, O first of the Jedi."
  8. Eight. You're holding up eight fingers. What are you an alien?
  9. I didn't know monkeys could swim!
  10. I can see! I can see! But… who am I?

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