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O Dreary Day … again

I hate not being able to sleep because I'm hungry.


    Thanks for support in the exercise area. I have special difficulties with exercise (everyone says that, don't they — usually in a whiny voice?) because of my feet. I can't walk far nor use a treadmill for long. A stationary bike is my best bet (recumbent) because of the low impact to feet and knees. I hope it works out that I actually use it for some length of time. I've a history of buying expensive exercise equipment that I use as an alternative clothing rack.

I have a splitting headache this morning. Probably, my blood sugar is low. I go on and on about my diabetes. If it annoys you, don't read this. I've got to bitch somewhere and better here than in person. I really do have topics of conversation that don't involve my health or any sort of suppurating pustules, goiters or the like (a sure sign of geezerhood is when your conversation is restricted to conversations that involve physical ills or congenital deformities) I just haven't got around to them lately…

My! Aren't these walls vertical?

I've been listening to a variety of music unlike my usual eech-lectic mix. For me this is an extreme statement — as I am the sort who'll listen to Beethoven, the Ragin' Cajun, Queen, Tom Waits and Sousa successively.

I have finally discovered Napster now that it is over (well, audiogalaxy, actually) and have been downloading obscure material for days. I think I will never turn over that list to anyone with any psychological training as I don't like the inferences I draw from the list.

Sleep eludes me. Resteludes me. C'est la vie. C'est la same old merde. Jeden Tag das selbe Scheiße.


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