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Te deum laudamus?


Tedium and Te deum … pronounced essentially the same. Can it be coincidence?

I dreamed last night. One dream, rather short was all I recall. Suits me. I am getting irate about the type, quantity, and quality of my dreams. I don't think it is right that I should be dreaming so frequently and vividly. I know. I know. I was the one that started writing them down, trying to remember them. I don't like the result. It was a mistake.

Last night was interrupted several times. I went to sleep quite early. Don't I always? I woke around 22:30, again at midnight and two. I slept after that until nearly 8:00.

My aunt will visit today. I will have my cousin chauffeur me to day if she is available. I need to go to DMV and get new tags for my car. Talk about a futile effort. This seems to be my usual occupation of late.

Probably a slow day in the offing.

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