Karl (louderback) wrote,

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Complaints. . . Complaints . . .

A truly dreary day. Every conversation seems to lead to the dismal.

I spoke to Michael twice today. He's having landlord troubles and others to go with them. I wish I could help, but there is absolutely nothing in which I can be come usefully involved. *sigh*

One thing after another seems to be going wrong. My protracted ill luck seems to rub off on those around me. My nerves are jangling again in anticipation of my upcoming surgery. My dreams are becoming increasingly annoying. And I'm gaining weight. How annoying, that last.

I walked half a mile on the treadmill today. I could have walked farther but my back gave out long before my feet (the problem I anticipated) caused me trouble.

I suppose I must have something to complain about in order to be happy.

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