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Bad conversation - with Leonard "pimp" Darnell

Yesterday was conversationally dreary. After a good start with the Mighty Ed, things degenerated. I was afflicted with a guest in the evening and it was a living heck. I'll supply no further details, but this person was so heavily buried in the cold war era that the current crisis elicited the statement "Well, all I can say is Kruschev better watch his ass." After some investigation on my part I discerned that he meant Castro. Bin Laden, Castro, Kruschev, he might as well have been saying "boogie man." *sigh*

Sitting here, fresh from the shower, I reek like a cathouse on payday. I was actually in a cathouse on payday once (long story) so I speak from experience. I have got to find a new deodorant.

I slept well enough last night with only a single interruption in the wee hours. I dreamed briefly. Already this morning I have fallen asleep listening to Zelazny on tape and had another dream.

I am very much interested in my dreams of late. Their number and intensity is quite surprising to me. I don't know the significance of such things, but I am making an effort now to find out.

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