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Malaise in the afternoon

I enjoyed an excellent conversation with the Mighty Ed today. Somehow I feel I should add "dood."

We seldom intellectualize any more, Ed and I. Hell, I seldom intellectualize with anyone anymore. I am at that point with most of my friends where we do not test each other in conversation any more, being utterly familiar with each other's attitudes. Indeed, I at that point in my life where my attitudes are all pretty thoroughly reasoned, have withstood the test of time, are largely calcified. It takes some enthusiasm and considerable demonstration of fact to alter my opinions these days. For that matter that has been true for quite a while.

The balance of my day will consist of a writing project on which Michael and I will be working. You may see some of the results in the writers community one day or I may create a LiveJournal account for it. It will be a journal of sorts.

I'm really tired. I feel emotionally and mentally exhausted. There's not much that I really want to do today and little that I would do if I could. Malaise to put a word to it.

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