Karl (louderback) wrote,

Disconnected Dreams and vignettes

Two dreams last night took the form of one short vignette featuring Age of Empires icons and a longer dream with no stable form I can discern.

Early in the night I dreamed that I sat on the bank of a river. Everything was quite indistinct and I saw not only my surroundings but the "world" laid out before me as on a map. I saw both at once and found this in no way odd. Next to me sat a beautiful woman with a drawing pad. She was drawing in characters which appeared at various places throughout the world as I watched. Always I saw them as icons — or sprites or images — whatever you now call characters that appear in video games. Specifically these all looked like the men and women of Age of Empires. Each thing she would draw would appear in the world before me.

As she drew an alligator formed near our feet. This alligator watched us for a while then moved toward us planning to eat my toes. I don't know specifically how I knew it wanted my toes, but that was its plan. The woman next to me laughed and tore a sheet off her paper pad and tossed it away on the wind. The alligator vanished with it as it rolled away.

When she resumed drawing the alligator returned and began crawling toward me again. I told her "You'd better pin it down," and then awoke.

That lasted only seconds it seems to me. The dream that follows happened after four in the morning and preceded by minutes only a fierce thunderstorm that woke me.

I walked through high grass that was above my waist. I pushed it aside again and again and tried to be careful where I stepped, examining the ground where I walked as closely as possible. With no transition of any sort I was suddenly sitting up very high in a small platform in what seemed to be an extremely large tree. I was looking down through darkness that was almost complete trying to see the ground.

Again with no transition I was in sunlight, staring up at a large bird that was flying away from me. Its angle suggests that I might have released it. As I watched, it circled toward the sun, into the East, I think, and disappeared from view. I sat down where I stood on a clump of dry earth covered with yellow grass. Nothing happened for some time then I stood and found myself indoors in a dungeon-like atmosphere of long hallways with stone-lined walls and brick stairways. Everything seemed to be either carved from stone, overlaid by mortared stones or built of mortared dark-gray bricks.

In the dungeon I walked a considerable distance, making numerous turns. I seemed to know my destination, but I never reached it. Instead I seemed, again without transition, to be outside and I saw ahead a dark sky filled with bright flashes of light.

I awoke to a loud roll of thunder and flickering lightning.

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