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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Yo Yo Day
nanowrimo 2010

Sounds like a band … YoYoDay™. I bought some dumbbells today, a pair of tens and a pair of twenties. I also saw the exercise bike I want, a recumbent with no unnecessary features that looked solid enough to hold me. Unfortunately it was $400. I think I'll tell my doctor that if he really thinks it is necessary I want a prescription so my insurance can cover it. … and by the way Doc, how about you front me the cash for it until the insurance money comes through. I bet well see just how important he thinks it is then.

Doc Aruba is hurling pills at me by the fistful. He is showing me heart attack statistics and trying to convince me I'm at risk. I've had my heart attack, I know I'm at risk. Scare tactics now?

I think I will almost certainly buy the bike but not until payday. In the meantime I'll pump the tens and pray that I can work up to the twenties in less than a decade.

The down side of it all is, of course, that now that I've got exercise stuff I have to go and use it. Back near the beginning of the world I was in really good shape and did the weight training thing and actually enjoyed it. I can't get that mind set back and don't know if I'd want it if I did.

I am appalled at the thought of working out on a regular basis. I have gotten to where I actually hate it. Oh well. C'est la merde.