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Yesterday was pretty much a nothing day. I spent the day having a cold. Not an exciting activity at the best of times, it was further reduced in interest by the dulling of my senses with Alka-Seltzer cold medicine.

My Aunt Muriel visited as did my cousin Gayle. Later in the Day Eric and Christina came by with their son Cire. He had a card for his great-grandmother (Muriel) on her 89th birthday. If I am feeling up to it this evening I will go with the family to take Muriel to Red Lobster for dinner, that being the local equivalent of a "fancy night out".

I had a couple dreams that I will record some time today. One was different and a bit interesting but the other was repetitive of previous images.

I look forward to a day of not much activity. No doctor's appointments until Sunday (Dr. Slant). Surgery the 18th if my cold clears up in time. I've decided not to see the doctor about my cold. If it clears up in three or four days that leaves six or seven days of recovery time before surgery. If it takes longer to clear up I will have to let the surgeon know.

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