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Damn! I've got it!

That miserable cold that has been going around has reached my nose.

I have a headache (nothing new, that) a stuffed up nose and I feel bad!

If this delays my surgery I'm going to be pissed big time. I have to go to the hospital on the 18th. That means I have 16 days to get over this.

To go or not to go… to the doctor. If I go I might get well quicker. If I go he might postpone my surgery. If I don't go it might take longer to recover and the surgery might get postponed anyway. If I don't go and don't get well, I'll have to postpone the surgery. If I don't go and get well, my system might be weak and I'll have complications of the surgery.

When all alternatives suck, what remains, however improbable, may still suck.


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