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It's one of those nights. I finally manage to stay up later than 21:00 and I'm in the wrong place.

I watched a movie called "Dead Man" from about '95. It was a western and of that genre perhaps the most peculiar example that yet I have seen. It starred Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Lance Henriksen with cameos by such as Robert Mitchum, John Hurt, Gabriel Byrne, Crispin GLover, Alfred Molina, Billy Bob Thornton, and Iggy Pop. Apart from the unlikely cast it featured Gary Farmer as a chubby Indian with a perfect command of English and Lance Henriksen as a cannibal bounty hunter. I enjoyed it quite a bit. On the Bob Scale I give it a 9.

Of course while watching this movie I was away from my computer and contrary to my usual habit forgot to turn off AIM. Michael, the Mighty Ed and NuniaBiz all paged me. Of course.

Oh well. *shrugs* I guess I'll sleep now.


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