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Today has been a nothing day. Spoke briefly with Michael and with NuniaBiz. Sadly brief intercourse seems to be the high point of my day.

I dreamed last night but have not yet recorded it. I collapsed into a large-lunch coma this afternoon and dreamed again. I'll will eventually put them both in Baddreams, but I may not get to it today. Typing seems to be a real pain. Baddreams has a new poster, xandyx. I noticed sirlance posted recently as well. I would like to see more of others' dreams as well as my own posted in Baddreams. I think I am dreaming much more vividly then ever before, I know I am dreaming much more frequently (or at least remembering it more). I wish I could blame it on my medications but none of them pan out as possible causes. Maybe it's my grape.

Got the word that my surgery to remove this bone-eating grape will be on the 18th. I go to the hospital and do admin stuff the day before. I am scheduled to be in the operating room at 8:30 on the 18th with an overnight stay for observation. In conversation with NuniaBiz she commented that my bone-eater might be classified osteo-mangez. I love the phrase. It accurately describes this nasty little thingie that is using my skull-bones for nutrition. I understand that they will spackle up the hole/depression it is leaving behind. Drat, I was hoping for a plate in my head that would set off metal detectors.


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