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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010
</div> I've had the best day today, filled with learning, experimentation, good conversation and close camaraderie, that I've had in a quite a long time.

I've spent the entire morning conversing with Michael. We built a mirror of my LiveJournal with some features that makes it easier for me to read. Just the process of creating the site and adding the features was pleasant. Doing so in learning mode and while conversing with someone made it the first fully enjoyable day I've had in months.

At you leisure, feel free to visit "http://karljournal.homestead.com" my new site</a>. You'll note that you are instantly redirectd to the actual page with which URL I'll not trouble you. Once there you can see some formatting we played with in the style sheet and an interesting crosshairs cursor that is dynamic HTML. The insertion of the journal itself into my page is nothing more than a snitppet of javascript cadjed from the LiveJournal FAQ.

All praise to

These products enabled a lengthy conversation that would have otherwise cost me in excess of $50, an exchange of files that would have otherwise required postage and a delay of a day or more, and an utterly good time.