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I dreamed last night of a ship on the sea. I suppose that this is unusual in that I know next to nothing of sailing and have no real interest in it. I enjoy the shore, the feel of sand and the smell of the sea but detest sailing. The ocean doesn't like me.

I am becoming distressed at the frequency and intensity of my dreams. I would blame it on medication save that I have carefully examined all the side-effects listed for all of them and none are associated with dreaming. I must remember to consult Christina. All my medicines are utterly common ones these days, the maintenance drugs for diabetes.

I confess that I enjoy the fact that I am dreaming. I rather like trying to figure out what they mean and reporting them in Baddreams. I guess my distress is that they are so very frequent — they are coming practically every night — and are unlike dreams I remember from the past. Never before have my memories of my dreams been so detailed. In many instances I am able to stand back, so to speak, after the fact and turn the dream within my mind, examining it in considerable detail — detail of which I was aware yet not cognizant, if you take my meaning. This adds an air of "unreality" to an unreal event. It bothers me.


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