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I am indisputably and egregiously pissed. Dr. Clogger's office called an hour before my appointment to tell me that he doesn't take my insurance and that I would find myself obliged to remuneration in the event that I wished his performance of the esoteric act of looking upon my MRI and confirming therefrom the opinion of the inestimable Dr. Rocks. Expensive for a second opinion, in my first opinion. I would not have balked at the cost ($180) had not the caller so deprecated the possibility that I should wish for the services of Dr. Clogger without acceptable manifestation of insurance that stands high in his regard.

I suppose that I now could call upon the telephone directory to recommend to me at random another neurosurgeon, but having lost a week, the chance that he should perform the act for which I would him employ within a shorter time frame than the anticipated excision by Dr. Rocks is negligible.


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