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Yesterday did, indeed, contain considerable pondering on the so called "imponderables". I think my mood foreshadowed my intellectual endeavors.

Dreams filled my night. I was up and down quite a lot and dreamt between every expedition. I remember but two nocturnal images and have recorded them. I am taking considerable pleasure in the recounting of my dreams and in the fact that I am able to do so. The dreams I have recorded this year (since March, I think) are in number greater than all the dreams I can remember having throughout my life. It appears that the phenomenon mentioned by those who record dreams, namely that the act of recording generates the ability to remember and record more of them, is quite true.

My morning consisted of cooking a pot of chili. I frequently begin the double-sized batch (8 quarts) with two sticks of frozen chili from R.B.Rice. It is not suitable for chili by itself, but it makes a pot of chili quite easy to concoct by its addition. Three one-pound cans of hunts tomato sauce — and yes, it must be so — three one-pound cans of Bush's Best Dark Red Kidney Beans and one of Bushes Chili Beans added to a finely chopped onion cooked with two pounds of hamburger, very lean and carefully drained of grease. The addition of chili powder to taste completes the dish. I usually sneak in a few glugs of worchestershire sauce just to confuse the issue but it is not essential. My cooking was well received.

The afternoon was filled with little but depressing thoughts and spurts of writing, the later rather unsuccessful gave rise to the former. I offer no Epiphany nor any new conclusions from my ruminations. My cud of thought, well chewed, must first digest before anything may come of it. I suppose the analogy is unfortunate considering the ultimate product implied.

Today I will write and listen to more of Sturgeon's "Starshine". I had forgotten most of the stories in this book. It is good to have them back again — they bring to mind pleasant days past.


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