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Today was a bad day until the evening. I spent some time trying to write and have recorded a number of good ideas, but got nowhere with the actual writing.

Michael called, but caught me on the way to the doctor. Must update him tomorrow.

Dr. Slant called and cancelled my appointment. He is having family problems and has been a bit erratic of late. I sympathize completely.

Off to see Dr. Rocks tomorrow to "discuss options." I wish they'd just do the damned biopsy and get it over with!

I went shopping this evening. It's not something I do often, but my clothes were about to fall off me. Most of what I own is either so old it is unwearable or so large it doesn't fit anymore. I bought three pairs of jeans, and no less than six shirts. I am glad to have something to wear that actually gets clean once it is laundered.


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