Karl (louderback) wrote,

Today has been a rather blah day. It is 70 degrees out and humid. Not cool enough to be bracing or warm enough to be pleasant considering the rain. To damp to go out, just nice enough to want to go out. Blah.

I spoke to Michael today. Had some adventures at an SCA event. He has tall tales which I would not believe if they were from anyone else. As it is, he shares with me the oddity that the most unlikely things about him are true.

I haven't heard from Mad Max for a while and am trying to get him to call. Teflon knows where he is, but I also have not heard from him for a bit. I think he has moved since we last talked. He said he was planning on leaving town. What he didn't say was where he was going. I just plain forgot to ask. It will probably be a couple of weeks before he calls me on his own. Maybe one of the other boys has heard from him.

I have a tremendous headache again today. I wish something would help, but it is simply a matter of sinus. It won't get better for any length of time until I move to another region.

I am not looking forward to my appointment with Dr. Rocks Wednesday. It is billed as discussion, but I think I won't like the discussion. I wish to Hell I could get back to work. Trying to get by as I am is not making me happy.


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