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I recently had an experience that bothered me a lot. It's really no big thing but it bugs me. I don't understand why it happened.

A couple of weeks ago I went with some relatives to a Chinese buffet. The waiter put the tea pot down in front of me, so I poured every one tea. I regarded it mildly as a feat since I couldn't see the tea cups very well and had to gauge how full they were by guess and by golly.

I learned this week that I did a hideous job of it — I evidently poured tea everywhere.

Nobody told me at the time, Everybody cleaned up surreptitiously.

What I don't understand is: Why didn't they tell me? It wouldn't have hurt my feelings (I am definitely not a sensitive soul in this department. It would have made mountains of sense. Hell, if someone had laughed and said "Better let me pour." I'd have been quite content. I feel like I'm surrounded by a conspiracy.

Does anyone have any insights?


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