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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010

My day was quiet. I did almost nothing this afternoon and evening. This morning my cousin showed up with my aunt and we took to the road just to get out of the house. She took me to Hastings where I rented two more audio books.

Their selection is filled with ancient books and those which failed to sell. Anything worth having is only for sale. I picked up "Acts of War" by Tom Clancy and "Blue Gold" by Clive Cussler. I'm not terribly interested in either.

My last audio book was from the Wolfner Library. They have a big selection and very high quality (usually unabridged) recordings. I got Theodore Sturgeon's "More Than Human" and finished it fairly quickly. It was read by a woman with a very grandmotherly sort of voice. I found it to be jarring. I am getting through audio books faster by simply listening whenever I am in my room at the computer. It means that I can finish a 200 page book in about three days.

After the visit to Hastings I was forced to endure another Hellish lunch. I enjoy my aunt's and my cousin's company and I do enjoy getting out to lunch … I even liked the restaurant (Perkins Pancake House). I was nauseous through the whole meal, though and couldn't taste my food as I am always the minority and forced to sit in the smoking section. There was a fog about four feet off the ground and I had to shower when I got home to get the smell off. It was like eating out of an ash tray.

I have been trying to write today, but nothing comes. I just haven't been very voluble the last few days. I spoke with LuTron last night. I wasn't in the mood but wound up enjoying it and talking for quite a lot longer than I thought. Maybe when I'm talking I can't write.