Karl (louderback) wrote,

I am doing nothing much today. This morning I made some calls. I have been trying to select some recipes from "The Low-carb Cookbook" without success. I just can't read it successfully. The print is too small and my magnifier is not big enough.

Movies are back in my life, but not very gracefully. I've set up a 17" TV on my desk. The screen is only about 18" from my left shoulder and I can see most of what goes on. I have been watching an old favorite, "Orphans". It's a movie version of the stage play. It stars Albert Finney, Matthew Modine, and Kevin Anderson. I have enjoyed it in the past. I know it well enough that I don't have to really see the details.

I hope to find some mechanism for translating things like the cookbook into something I can read. The RSB folks and others have all urged me to learn braille. I suppose it is the thing to do. I think it will be worth doing but I am going to put it off until all this surgery or whatever is done with.


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