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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010
"Thank you! Thank you! I am deeply grateful to accept this award. The Order of the Oracle with Sour Grapes Clusters is not awarded to just anyone! Thank you! Thank you!"

My way of saying my prediction came true. The blood test was "not definitive," so we have to do the biopsy. On the 12th. So now I'm on pins and needles for another two weeks. Shit. At least I know that I don't have 1 of the 350 or so kinds of cancer it could have been. I wonder if it'll take 349 more tests to rule everything out?

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(Deleted comment)
I've been pretty out of it of late, O mighty Biz!

The few times I turn the computer on I just turn all the online-stuff off as quickly as I can.

I see that Bizvo has been down for a few days. I am sad to say I didn't notice. I posted something yesterday or the day before, I must have just hit a window of availability.

I am trying to get my shit together to go back to work somehow. I have figured my retirement and such and can't possibly do it. I don't qualify for any kind of disability, I think, and I don't believe I could manage on it anyway. If I can't do my old job at verizon, I'll just have to get outta there as gracefully as I can and then try to find something else I can do. I would like to write for a living, but it is getting harder and harder to do. I posted to Baddreams today and the entry took me until now to put together. I got up as 5:30 and it is now after three. Yoicks!

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