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Bored, bored, bored!

It has been a bad coupla days. I haven't had my Internet connection and it has been frustrating.

I had not realized how genuinely addicted I am to the Internet.

I have been filling time listening to books on tape. I've finally finished "imperfect Strangers" by Stuart Wood. I must confess that I enjoyed the book but I was intensely frustrated by the medium. A new frustration reared its head today. On side 12 of 25 I reached the point in the novel where the cattle are stampeding, the thunderstorm is at its peak, the dam has burst, the earthquake is in progress, the volcano is erupting, the stock market is falling, and EMlinda wakes up to discover she has amnesia — "continued on side 13." Needless to say, sides 13-16 are missing from the box. Aaaaaaaak. Ha! "Aaaaaaaak" is pronounced ay ya ya yuk by my screen reader. It kind of takes all the fun out of typing it..

I ordered two books on CD both by Dennis Miller. They will arrive in 2 to 21 days. Oh goodie! DM is the most sarcastic human being to walk the earth since Ambrose Bierce.

I am hoping the doctor will give me some reasonable information tomorrow. On pins and needles trying to find out what's going on,


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