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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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(no subject)
nanowrimo 2010
Been an unusual day today. I've chatted with NuniaBiz twice. I went to staples to shop and wound up with an mp3 player (probably the last person on earth to buy one).

slow day mostly, and now I must crash. I'm really really really tired.

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And expect to hold that title for quite a while ! ( cauze i have not bought one YET ! )

Re: Nah I am the last


good to hear from you. I heartily recommend an mp3 player. I am having a lot of fun withthe fact that I can put 100 or more songs on a cd and play 'em for hours.

I was going to get one of those tiny ones that play two hours worth after downloading direct to them but I am glad I got this "walkman style" one instead.Besides! It was half the price of the others.

Re: Nah I am the last

Ya ..well dude I am currently holding my shoes together with gum !! So a mp3 player is NOT in the near future *lol*

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