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     Good news and bad news for the followers of the story of Blind Bob. I've finally got a diagnosis. It's not concrete and nothing is carved in stone, but here's the story.

     Badvogatans! 'Member back in the day when NuniaBiz had lemon in her head? Well I've finally one-upped her. I've got this grape behind my left temple.

     The not good news is that it could be scar tissue — perhaps caused by a fall or a bump on the head. The oncologist Dr. Canasta says that this is the least likely explanation. The good news on that is that it is extremely treatable.

      The less good news is that it could be a mass that has become infected and simply requires some antibiotics and other treatments to reduce the infection — also could have been the result of a fall or some such. Dr. Canasta says that this is a plausible explanation but that such things usually don't erode the bone which is something that is happening to me. This also is quite treatable and not utterly serious.

     The actual bad news is that, of course, it could be cancerous. The good news in that is that it is small, appears isolated, and is quite treatable.

     The overall best news is that at last I now have something I can get my hands on (figuratively) and deal with. Good or bad, if it can be eliminated it is possible it will restore my sight to normal or at last to somewhat better than it is now.

     Blood has been taken, results by next Friday … that would 31 August.

     Wish me luck!

     On other fronts, just as a treatment surfaces on the horizon, RSB and various agencies are colluding to get me back to work. I spoke with work to day and I am to remain at home until they implement whatever measures (software hardware, what have you) to enable me to resume my work. I am meeting with an expert advisor who seems to be named Zorro next Wednesday in the early morning.

     What the Hell is going on? Just when it looks like I'm going to get all this "Blind adaptation" stuff going, I may be able to see? *sigh* my life is always so damned complicated. It would be a wonderful complication if I could tell the RSB folks, "Thanks but no thanks! It looks like I won't need your services!"


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