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I had a productive session with Jeanie DJ this afternoon. She has a neat bag of tricks. She didn't have a magnifying glass that would do me much good.but she had several other neat items. One of the best was a device that looks like a mouse but is actually a hand-held camera. Just attach it to your TV and get a hugely magnified (12x or 15x) view of whatever you're pointing the camera at. I'm going to get one of those. It's about $300, but my mother and I can both use it. I'm also going to look into a couple of items: a talking glucose meter and a talking bathroom scales (don't really care much about that one, but it is pretty neat). She also offered to help me with my sunglasses problem. I ordered a pair, had them send the wrong pair, returned them and have seen no signs of the replacements. She said she can iron it out. I'll be glad to get 'em, though in a way I hate those glasses. They'll be very useful, but I've been trying hard not to wear sunglasses all the time. Some guys could get by wearing sunglasses indoors and claim it was their "Joe Cool" look -- me, it just singles me out as much as a white cane - something I'm not going to deal with right now.

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