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This is a late first entry for me. I try to enter things first thing in the morning and then fill in during the day. Of late it has been getting harder to make entries so I've tended to put them off.

I had a productive morning:

  • I got approval to go back to work.
  • I connected RSB with work to get a workstation set up for me
  • I refilled my prescriptions
  • I phoned the transit system and managed to get a public transit schedule that will be useless (gets me to about 2 miles walking distance from work and about two blocks from home)
  • backed up major portions of my hard drive to CD and deleted the originals to make some space
  • Made a big pot of chili
  • Organized my desk (for the seventieth time in the last ten weeks)
  • took out the trash

Quite a lot all things considered.


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