Karl (louderback) wrote,

Based on a dream:



Weary arms atop the cross,
I rested my point against a stone.
I turned my thoughts to what I'd lost
And set my heart on hopes of home.

A trumpet call from the sky
turned my head to the vaulted blue.
A moving speck held fast my eye,
resolved and neared and ever grew.

Too far away and yet clear
a rider on a steed came forth.
A war-clad maiden drawing near,
a mighty maid, a pounding horse,

shivered me with heart's first fear
unmanned me, chilled me, to the bone.
Silently, swiftly, she drew near
and drew from me a keening moan.

Wotan one-eye, man's betrayer,
who takes the valiant for his wars
sent his daughter - that fell reiver -
and snatched my soul up to the stars.

Across a wide rainbow'd span
a gulf of stars, Valhalla's gate.
Borne was I to Gods' realm from man's
and stepped from horse, to learn my fate.

In Wotan's sky-vaulted hall
there gathered gods and shades alike
in battle dress and mourner's pall
their mein filled me with much dislike.

Ushered forth by point so sharp
I stood before the high god's seat.
Minstrels played fire on golden harps
I turned, the maid — my wife — to meet.

It was she I turned to see,
in maiden's dress with gleaming hair.
God's child's husband I was to be.
I met her father's one-eyed stare

and stood as firm as any dared.
My fate I gladly then embraced
to join the hunt and be not spared
Armageddon, the world laid waste

whilst I battled through the skies
and to the battle comes my bride —
on spectral steed forever flies —
to face Ragnarok at my side.


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