Karl (louderback) wrote,

… and their memory's like a train. You see it gettin' smaller as it goes away.
- Tom Waits


The things you can't remember
aren't the ones that you'd forget
if the choices to be made
were up to you.

It's the things of everyday
that you never think about
that fade away
into the misty blue.

The location of that chair
or the number of these steps
are gone when you
really need them most

The mem'ries that you need
when you fill the coffee pot
escape you and you learn they
can't be forced.

Under blankets late at night
when you try to build a dream
you try and stop
and finally have to quit

And you lie awake and hope
that what matters to you now
will remain inside a world
where you don't fit.

And you try to make it work
and you try to do your best
and it doesn't work
the way is used to do.

You try to blame the world
and the changing of the times
but you know inside
it really is just you.

So you try to make an end
but the rules they don't allow
surcease from fear at
prices you can pay.

So you put it all together
and you make another try
and you muddle through
another boring day.

But at last there is an end
in a way they can't amend
you just gather up your things
and say good bye.

And their mem'ry's like a train
as it quickly pulls away
your forgotten and your face
fades quickly from their sight

And the world goes on as always
and your doings fade away
and your mem'ry's like a train
that's gone from sight.

It lingers in the thoughts
of the crowd beside the track
for a moment then it fades
into the night.


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