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Success? It's fleeting and (apparently) surreptitious

My diary here is quickly becoming an underground success. Two people to whom I have not mentioned it E-mailed to ask "Is that you?" (Why didn't they just use the Journal?) It appears the word is getting around.

I'm finding LiveJournal an interesting valve. I have kept a journal of some sort since I was able to write (family tradition). I find that this is supplanting my more traditional journal. I think this is a good thing as my paper journal is getting unwieldy. I think I'll have to find a way, however to insure that I have my own permanent copy of these files. I'd hate to lose them because LiveJournal went out of business.

Today is a day for some celebration. Shigor (who refuses to let me put her real name in here) is back and in a better mood with me. One has to wonder why — with all my faults — I'm at all tolerable. I have to wonder (though it is hardly politic in this increasingly public forum) why — with all her faults — I put up with Shigor.

Imponderables are not one of my strengths anymore. I find that as my age increases, my need to resolve the mysteries of the universe fades.

By the by, ekashp. What with the way all the Badbabes™ throw themselves at you I think you should be reminded that even us wheezing old geezers get lucky once in a while.

I am about equal parts elated and saddened today. Elation always wins out. Nothing else is a sane choice. I've been fighting with my kids. I've fallen out of touch badly in recent years due to my moving about and inability to travel to see them. One or two of them could come to see me, you'd think. But I remember what it was like to be twenty-something (or even thirty-something). Arguing with the old man wasn't high on my agenda and listening to his advice wasn't either) He remained stupid through my late twenties. I'm stupid into my eldest's thirty-second year. Hope I get brighter soon.

Still, all things considered, things are going well. Best to let sleeping children lie and get on with the Shigor-esque activities of my life.

In an unrelated story: Doc Arauba says I must acquire some exercise equipment and start using it. Ew! My new medications are evidently going to make me nauseous, make me gain weight, affect my LDL, HLD and glucose levels, then mutate me into a healthy organism while improving my circulation. Good trick. All of this is of course dependent on the fact that I exercise and eat right. Sure.


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