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Bad news/Bad news

I hate it when my doctor makes sense. "Eat right and exercise", what a dope! Like that is going to happen. Well my drug-ridden life is in turmoil once again. Off on a quest for PDR and online drug lookups. I've got to figure out what praxil is for and how it works and whether or not it will grow hair on my knees or an extra arm on my tush. Then there's efferex and all the other consonant- laden pseudo-Latinate drug names to explore. Usually I track them down and find out that the glucotrol I've been taking at $80 bucks a pop is also called glipizide and can be had for $5. Oh well. I guess even the evil drug companies have to make a living. Why do they have to make it off me.

I'm bad-tempered at the best of times. Doc tells me that this new regimen will increase my irritability, improve my neuropathy, cause me to gain weight while making me nauseous (there's a good trick -- "Oh, I feel so queasy! I think I'll eat something!") Yeah. That's gonna happen. I don't know how a routine that leaves me nauseous will make me gain weight. I must research.

I hate drugs

I hate doctors

I just want to be healthy, why does it have to involve painful exercise and equally painful self-denial?


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