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A tough one shaping up.

     Plans, plans, plans.

     At work today. I've got to make several phone calls

  • Core - about benefits
  • County Clerk - have to clear my title for this county. Apparently it's held in a different county for some reason
  • Scrounge a ride home
  • Scrounge a ride to the seminar tonight (exciting stuff, diabetic foot care)
  • Round up another ride to the Bone Scan tomorrow and one to work or home afterward
  • Must arrange to install or have installed the sound features on my computer. The bloody things supposedly has sound on the motherboard, but I don't think the screen reader can handle it so I am stuck with magnification only.

    Not what I call an exhausting day, but lots of fiddling details.

     I'm having trouble concentrating on problems these days. So many things seem to leap at me from every direction that I can't locate one to work on. I'm not very organized. I never was very organized, but I've always been fast enough on my feet mentally to juggle all my tasks. I'm losing that some. I have to write everything down these days and then I forget where I left my list. *sigh*

     I'm preparing a package of COBOL related materials for Joe. I must mail it to Seattle today. He is going for a job in Chattanooga. His VB and UNIX is fine for the job, but his COBOL is not as he would like it. I'm going to send him all my training materials and let him work through those as a refresher. He may come to visit, staying here a few days on his way to Chattanooga so he can brush up in person.

     Haven't heard much from family of late. If you're reading this.... mail me!

     I hope I can start getting things on track soon. My life is messy. I don't like it.


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