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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010
Had an erratic night's sleep. I woke at 2:00, 3:30, and 5:30. I think I slept deeply between, but I don't remember dreaming. I managed to strain my shoulder in my sleep. What a nuisance!

I'm going to try once again to write today. I got nothing done yesterday. I've been bad-tempered for two days. Got to do something fun for the 4th and get back on track.

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Proud of yourself ?

Have another miserable day, old man.

(Deleted comment)
Not given that this 'SoulCatcher' piece of shit can't keep his mouth shut. His choice.

I'm surprised to hear a cyber-slut like you talking about my conquests !
Too bad your man doesn't want anything to do with you Chris. Go back and cry in your beer some more, I don't want any of it.

(Deleted comment)
No, it isn't a case of the pot and kettle.

I don't remember singling him out to reply to his every post with flames he's had for me.
Karl knows so little about me, yet wants to make a statement. What ever. I'll return in kind now for him, he seems to want the attention.

This message was way out of line.

You're a father! This is not the way that good people act toward one another: trying to hurt other people by using moments of pain against them. You talk about how much you care for your boys. I think that's an admirable and wonderful thing; that has impressed me more that anything else I've read about you. Wouldn't you want your boys to read your posts and be proud? This message, whatever its cause, is out of line. This attitude, whatever its cause, is not admirable.

You seem like a good man. Why would you write this sort of thing?!?!

There are those who think I'm a nice man, others who don't.

I try to be kind to others, but I also take offense at times.
I don't admire the attitude he's shared with me, either.
There's been plenty of references made to my pain, by a folks who think they have an understanding and interest.
If he wants to make my personal life fair game for on-line flameage, he's going to get a like response.

Hence, the thought expressed. It's was pretty light.
It was ver much 'in line', though perhaps I should have
repaid him with kindness, but that might have been crueler ?

As for my children, I try to teach them the harsh realities of life.
There's a lot of love and kindness out in life, and there's a lot of assholes, too... and many shades of gray between.

You're welcome to stop by the house for some BBQ if you'd like Lu ...

Re: This message was way out of line.

Let him off the hook. I've been tweaking his tail for some time in Badvo. I've finally struck a nerve and it's time for me to leave him alone. I just didn't like him running some of the most active posters off Badvo and running the site into the ground by making it a private place for his gf to post womens issues, politics, social issue, and nothing that seems to buy into the "spirit" of badvo... the whole "bad person of the future" sort of thing. Oh well, it's pretty slow now. Maybe Crackmonkey will get bored with it and just drop the whole thing.

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