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"I don't wanna get up!"

Must talk to Tom Waits and see if I can convince him to do that song. Something tearful and hangover-ridden would be good. I need Kona! This morning is dreary. My window has a leak around the edges that admits cold air (well, air of any temperature, technically, but today's air is cold) and I awoke during the night (actually is 1:30 am night or morning?) to discover that my feet were freezing. Usually my wife handled that department. Now that I'm on my own I hope I'm not going to be absorbing all her rôles.

Having cold feet, sleep was an impossibility so I stayed up all night scanning obscure documents and looking up obscure words on the web. My two mostest favouritest and very bestest finds are "cacoëthes loquendi" - the irresistible urge to speak and "cacoëthes scribendi" - the irresistible urge to write. I must remember to ask LuTron about the origin of the phrases. And the pronunciation for that matter.


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