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I'm sure

That you're all just dying to know how things went at the family reunion.

Well, the mayhem I wanted never materialized. They neutralized all my efforts by holding it outside. That left me unable to do much but sit at a table where I could be relatively certain I would not be stepped on. The sunlight/shade combination effectively kept me from moving around, but I did manage to get my feet stepped on four times, my arm burned with a cigarette, and my crotch kicked (she said it was accidentally. Hmmph.

My sister took some pix with the digital camera (a sucky free one, but better than none). I haven't seen them yet, but they should be of no interest whatever.

I have a poor attitude about such get-togethers. Genealogy is the usual pretext for such things, how come there is never anyone at the gate refusing to admit you until you give your (putative) parentage and the basic information on your (alleged) children? Nobody ever actually collects data at these things.

Everyone brought foot and I did manage to over-stuff myself. The cooking is always a bit haphazard at such events. People trot out their best work and their worst. I selected carefully and was afflicted with but a single nastiness, some potato salad I didn't like. Not a great tragedy.

I've seen a number of people whose names I knew only from books on family history today. I suppose that is a good thing. I can claim to have met some of my ancestors' relations. The ancestor alive at this get together was my mother. All others are gone.

Returning home I discovered that Dr. Slant has cancelled my appointment. I presume he has cancelled my appointment. He called and gave two other dates and times. I called and confirmed a new appointment and despite a direct question couldn't get his scheduler to say that my current appointment was cancelled, just that he could see on these two other dates. I suppose it behooves me to but him until I get an explicit answer. I'm annoyed that I am so concerned about this but I keep hearing horror stories of other employees and the Employee Assistance Program. Sometimes, at least, it is a mechanism the company uses to fire you. Being fired would be a relief in some ways. I think it would be easier to find a new job than to fix my situation at this one.


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