Karl (louderback) wrote,

Trying to get back into some writing

I had a pleasant lunch today with family friends. I spoke for a while with NuniaBiz and for a while with my first cousin. There is a family reunion shaping up for the weekend and I will be attending. There is a certain amount of pressure to display the "blind guy". It seems people are making more conversational capital of my situation that I am. I thought I was whiny enough.

I have accomplished almost no writing today. I am becoming reluctant to attempt much story telling as it is becoming more of a chore and less of a pleasure. My story-writing has been keeping me sane (and my diary-writing) but it is becoming onerous as I am having to read what I typed (proofread) pretty much a word at a time and I am losing the sense of what I write while proofing as they become disconnected words. I am accustomed to reading very quickly and can accommodate a glut of words. Now when I have to read a word at a time (or worse, a letter at a time, I find there is some sort of a disconnect between my reading and my comprehension. It is sort of like hearing one note a minute of a song. You can eventually figure out the melody but it is an entirely different skill set from what you have been used to doing.


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