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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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well, one more virginity is gone
nanowrimo 2010
I now have ShowTime for the first time in three years. I watched Queer as Folk for the first time.

What the Hell was all the shouting about? As near as I can tell from a single episode this is an evening soap opera. I got to see guys kiss each other repeatedly. At one point one of the young guys showed us his heinie. Oooo. I had expected to see something much more dangerous to the fabric of human existence. This is what all the news articles, television interviews and just plain media ranting was about? I must try to get hold of B. or G. to ask them their opinion of this show.

I expected to be titillated, offended, enphobed or something. What a big nothing. I can't say I'll add this to my "must see" list.

Off to beddy bye soon. I have accomplished approximately one long paragraph of writing. Not a stellar accomplishment on a day when I have basically done nothing else. Maybe the night will offer up some inspirational dreams.

my vision is different today. I am seeing less streaking and blurring but the font I require is larger still. I can't seem to focus normally. Windows-eyes, the talker I'm using to read my screen, is a big help, but it is slow. I don't know if I can get used to "reading" this way. I am experiencing an odd phenomenon. I can listen to an entire paragraph and not know what was said. I am so accustomed to acquiring my information through my eyes that when it comes in the ears it doesn't sink in.