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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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A pleasant night
nanowrimo 2010
It was cool last night. Maybe between 55 and 60 degrees all night. I slept heavily but never for very long I remember two dreams. I have a stiff neck this morning, left over from an extended nap in the afternoon yesterday. Punishment for the sin of unexpected sleep, I suppose.

I plan to spend the day writing as much as possible. I've a whole new person to be on Bizvogato, SC is stuck in attack mode, and Liturae seems stuck in the stone age.

I hope to improve my living situation today - by cleaning my room. Yes, I know that is a radical concept, but I am stepping on things and misplacing things without being able to find them. It is odd to note that my sense of spatial relationships (which has always been good and unusually effective for me) seems to have vanished with the detail of my sight. I used to pile things up and just psychically lay my hand upon whatever I needed. It no longer works. I have always thougth of myself as an "office archeologist" where organization was concerned. I just go to the pile on my desk and when I need something - say from January - I just dig down to the January layer and there it is. The digs have become more difficult. I must consider becoming (oh the pain, can I bring myself to say it?) shudder neat.