Karl (louderback) wrote,

The Rehab Center for the Blind

Well, I'm just back from the Rehab Center for the Blind. I met thee or four really nice people. They were all very helpful and I got the main thing I wanted from them, some insight to the specialists in the neighborhood. I am seeing a doctor on their list tomorrow, Dr. H. He should be able to give me a truly thorough exam. If he tells me that this a permanent change in my vision, I will be able to cope, not least to the people at RCB. If I have to start coping with this I'll have a starting point.

The visit was good and bad for me. I feel encouraged some and like I have plenty of alternatives, but boy-o-boy, there was not a hint from anyone there that they thought this might be a temporary thing for me. I understand that they wouldn't want to encourage any false hope, but wow, it was a bit of a shocker to find that they didn't think my condition coming on me like this was at all strange. I would have liked it if they hadn't just assumed it was a permanent change. But as I said, they have no reason to do so and don't want to encourage any delusions on my part.


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